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I have enjoyed smoking meat for many years, and my family can only eat so much!! So I decided to buy a  bus & make it a food truck so that I can take my meat on the road.  Having fun with it now and someday hope to make this my full time thing. 

Our Mission

   Is to create good and simple southern-style  barbecue with a family-friendly atmosphere of service.


Art Ianni


Sharing my hobby with everyone and having a fun time with my wife.

Dar Ianni

Service Window/ Social Media Coordinator

 OK, so I just do what I can to support this journey


Daily Truck Menu

Our Daily Truck Menu does change.

Here is an sample of our menu:

Pulled pork sandwich

Topped w/ slaw 

Pork Taco’s & chips

Pulled pork / slaw

Brisket Sandwich

Brisket Taco’s

Mac & Cheese topped

w/ choice of brisket or pork


Mac & Cheese
Cole slaw
Water /soda

22bbq Catering Menu

• ½ Pans of Pulled Pork  

serves approx. 12-15 sandwiches


• ½ Pans of Texas style Brisket  

serves approx. 12-15 sandwiches


Grilled Chicken quarters

• 1/2 Pans of Baby Back Ribs  

• ½ Pans of Cole Slaw  

approx 4-5 lbs.

• ½ Pans of Mac & Cheese   

1/2 Pans of Bake Beans 

Call for pricing

February 14 & 15  Fire and Ice Festival

Lititz PA

March 21 & 28 Old Stone Cider  12-7

March 27  11:30-1:30 Chatham Financial

April 18 Old Stone Cider    12-7

April 24 Final Friday Parkesburg, PA

April 26 Backyard BBQ @ New Garden Twp. Park

May 2 White Clay Creek Fest 12-4

May 8 11:30-1:30 Chatham Financial

May 9 Highland Orchards 

May 15 Food Truck Frenzy Lancaster Airport

May 16 Highland Orchards community yardsale

May 23 Old Stone Cider

May 31  fundraiser

June 13 Old Stone Cider

June 20 Ephrata Brewfest

June 27 Highland BBQ &BLUES

July 17  Penn twp. park movie in the park

August 1 Highland Orchards

August 8 Highland Orchards Peach Fest

August 9 Penn twp. park Sunset Park Day

August 21 Penn twp park movie in the park

Aug 28 Old Stone Cider

September 27 Downingtown Fall Festival



If you'd like us to set-up at your event or have us cater your affair please fill out the form below.  If you have an urgent request, please email us at 22bbqtruck@gmail.com.